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Let me introduce myself in brief: Bernhard Verkade aka BlueTurboWRC, The Netherlands, web developer and Subaru World Rally enthousiast (especially WRC Safari Rally Kenya). Now let's talk about cars!

Years ago (2008) I bought my first Subaru Impreza. I started blank, it was completely standard and I didn't know anything about rallies or it's cars. It had to be blue with gold wheels is all I knew back then...

WRC Safari Rally Kenya

After about four years doing small updates and basic maintenance I got interested in the rally history of Subaru. One thing let to another and a journey started. At first I didn't had a favourite driver, but slowly I got passioned by Richard Burns and his succesfull rally stages in Kenya during the Sameer Safari Rally Kenya 2000. In these stages he drove the S5 with plate number "T14 SRT" to it's victory. This car was specially built for this rally and provided with a snorkel, roo-bar and carbon mirrors with lights. The car was lifted several inches. T14 SRT is the only safari car left in all it's glory. After the Safari Rally Kenya in 2000 it moved to the heritage centre of Prodrive HQ, Banbury UK.

Now I'm one of the few people in the world with those special safari parts. My goal is to get as close as possible to the T14 SRT, but I have to be realistic as well. The cool thing about a car hobby is it's process, always in perspective with the present. Using this blog I hope I can inspire everyone to built a unique car.



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On these forums I'm an active user. I think it's great to have good forums, they contain a lot of valuable information about all types of projects. I use them as inspriration and technical support in my own projects.

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